The Fourth Dimension

Thinking of using Jouffret’s ‘umbrella’ diagram of projected polyhedra as a basis for a structure at Ovada.  Referring to Arthur I Miller’s interesting comparison’s between creativity in art and science (in Space, Time and the Beauty That Causes Havoc), he developed a model of creativity with an emphasis on visual imagery. How does this model of […]

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Read a review yesterday of Shadows of Reality: The Fourth Dimension in Relativity, Cubism and Modern Thought by Tony Robbin. The review was by Tony Phillips, a maths professor, who is skeptical about some claims about the relationship between geometry and art early in the 20th century. He comments also about the way history can […]

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What Is The Question?

Hans Ulrich Obrist said that collaboration is the answer, but then asked what is the question? At Simon Denny’s installation at the Serpentine Gallery, London. Apart from the overview of hacking history, evolution of technology and software, the way architecture shapes us etc., it was looking at the structure of organisations. What Is Done Cannot Be […]

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Warrior Press Shop Launch


Dear Friends,

We are currently raising funds to get us to OVADA, a contemporary art space in Oxford UK, where we will be undertaking a group residency and exhibition called What Has Been Done Cannot Be Undone in March and April of this year.

What Has Been Done… is an ambitious, large scale investigation into collaborative creative practice. 12 Warrior Studios artists will be working toward one large scale installation incorporating painting, sculpture, video and sound and working collaboratively with each other and outside participants. The idea stems from Warrior Press: Issue 5 which took the form of a Dadaesque zine; a draft for a commemoration of WW1 and Dada’s reaction to it and leading to Kurt Schwitters’ Hannover Merzbau sadly destroyed in 1943 by Allied bombs.

Please visit the Warrior Press shop, featuring self-published collaborative artworks and publications from the Warrior Studios collective, and purchase some of our stock to help support this exciting exhibition.

All funds raised from the sale of our editions will go towards making this exhibition happen. We will be documenting every stage on our dedicated blog leading up to a Warrior Press edition cataloguing the process from start to finish.

So when you buy a Warrior Press edition, not only are you becoming the owner of an original and affordable contemporary artwork, you’re also taking us one step closer to Oxford!

Thank you for your support and for joining us on the road to OVADA!

With kind regards,

Warrior Studios.

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