The small and the organic

My first working days at OVADA were over the Easter weekend.  Construction started only a few days before, and I was impressed (if not overwhelmed) by the amount of space already occupied by wooden structures.   One of the things I am wondering: where are the spaces for considering small things?  Ephemeral things?  Organic things? Everything so far seemed ‘built to last’ on a large scale, and highly geometric.

I spent my first evening tracing & colouring the water line from a leak in the roof across the space.

The next morning, enjoying the changeable Spring weather, I collected some materials from a park on the outskirts of Oxford: a gorse clipping, branches and a brick covered with lichen and moss, and daffodils.  I hoped to place them in such a way that offered a useful (and in the case of the daffodils, humourous) counterpoint to the large, built environment around them.

Returning yesterday after a week away, I see the daffs have now dried up.  Perhaps the room’s only indication of passing time based on decomposition.  All other indicators could be seen as growth: the ongoing construction and accumulation of things.  The decay of the plant life in the space reminds us not necessarily that What is Done Can Be Undone (by Nature), but that What Is Already (and Always) Happening Cannot Be Stopped.



2 thoughts on “The small and the organic

  1. The beautiful thing about the growth and expansion of our Merzbau is that in 15 days time it shall bloom, wilt and in 18 days it shall die. On the 19th broken to pieces and the 20th moved on


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