The Dirty Dozen

Well it was a half dozen today. The most we’ve had at Ovada in one day. Still an air of monastic calm with us moving mostly in silence working in parallel but sometimes meeting, in a zone of concentration working on and around the growing thing which at night takes on appearance of an imminently […]

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The rusting motorcycle pulled from a local canal may look like a move towards greater entropy, except that the oxidation of metal is a form of stabilising. There would probably be a tipping point when the beauty of the colour, the way the machine appears to be transforming into a marine organism, a kind of […]

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T=2; The Doing

It could seem strange to be thinking about entropy just as we start to build this installation or (as James put it) embark on this 28 day install. But I couldn’t help it with the overt meaning of entropy as the measure of available energy to do useful work. We have nowhere to hide with […]

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Pi Day got me thinking in circles

I’m currently gearing up to move temporarily to Oxford for the first week of our Warrior Studios collaborative project “What Is Done Cannot Be Undone”. One week tomorrow and we’ll be thrown together in the large warehouse space of OVADA for a month of group constructing. There is no plan as such, just 12 artists […]

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